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Tux Q & A

Wedding season is in full swing, which means it’s time to consider renting the groom and his groomsmen tux! Renting tuxes is a lot like looking for a wedding dress in the sense that specially trained consultants are here to help you find your unique style and to educate you to make sure you understand how the process works. We want to make the planning process not stressful for you; that is why we are here! In order to help you plan, we have listed below some commonly asked questions and answers:

Q. When do we need to order tuxes?

A. To secure your rental we ask that the whole party has been measured and paid 3 months before your wedding.

Q. We have some guys that live out of town, how can we get their measurements?

A. No problem! The gentleman can go to any tux or bridal shop to get professionally measured. Also, for only $10, we offer a direct shipping option, so out of town wedding party members can have their tux sent directly to their house. This option is great for out-of-town guys because it gives them the opportunity to try everything on the minute they receive the items. If he has any items that need a size adjustment, he can call the store and have a new one ready at the store when he gets into town for the wedding!

Q. When will the rentals arrive?

A. The rentals are guaranteed to be delivered the week of your wedding around Wednesday or Thursday. Tell the men in the party that they will need to come try their tux on by 4 pm on Thursday. This will ensure that, if they need replacements, they will be here before the wedding.

Q. Are replacements common?

A. Yes! Often, men find that, even with being professionally measured, they need some sizes or lengths adjusted once they try their tux on. Everyone likes their clothes to fit slightly differently, it is important to make time the week of the wedding to try the items on and expect to have replacements for many of the guys in the party.


We’ve got you covered…

Sophia’s wants to help make your wedding day perfect! We are always standing by, eager to help. One last helpful tip before heading in to pick out tuxes– Jim’s Formal Wear offers an app called Build A Tux that can help you mix and match different styles and colors of tuxes, vests, and ties online. This is an easy way to see what you like and see all the different options together. Feel free to check it out, then come to us with your ideas and questions! We love helping you style the men in your life for your big day!

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