You won’t want to avoid this wedding venue drama

Drama is in for 2014, says The Wedding Report Inc. Specifically, “Dramatic Wedding Venue” takes the top spot for locations. Affianced couples are choosing venues with high ceilings, stunning windows and architecture, sensational views and even a little bit of history

Outdoor weddings are trending, too, but not just the outside-the-rental-venue variety. Brides want to be married in places such as the Sweet Apple Farm in Pell City, Alabama, surrounded by rolling hills and pastures in a pagoda bordering a scenic pond. Vineyards, too, already known as romantic getaway spots, are popular wedding sites that go beautifully with a traditional or a contemporary wedding. And if you’re taking the Bohemian route, then your own (or a relative’s) backyard can become the perfect wedding venue in 2014.

Even brides that prefer an outdoor wedding will be seeking an outdoor feel in 2014. Credit Prince William and Kate Middleton, who brought 20-foot trees inside Westminster Abbey for their nuptials.

Barn weddings are surging in popularity, too. Add some great lighting, décor inspired by nature and some Mason jars among the crystal, and you’ll have a first-class yet down-to-earth, out-of-the-ordinary wedding.

Special lighting can transform your venue, too. Take a look at these from the popular blog It’s A Bride’s Life.

A final word of caution: Some venues will charge extra for delivery of items that have to be carried upstairs or over long distances. It’s just something to check into before you book to avoid unexpected charges.