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Telling the Groom from the Groomsmen

Grooms are choosing to differentiate themselves from their groomsmen in a variety of ways today, ranging from the subtle to the obvious. Your choice will depend on the effect you’re trying to produce and how distinctive you want the groom to appear.

Popular ideas:

Wear a lighter or darker shade of the same color tux. Ask the rental shop to show you different shades and recommend two that complement each other.

Wear a different color of vest or shirt from the groomsmen. You, the groom, may wear white while the groomsmen wear a light blue, for instance. Even with a traditional black tux, your vest could be white while the groomsmen’s are black.

For a more subtle difference, consider the boutonniere. Yours could be a full blossom while the groomsmen wear buds. Yours could be made of the primary flower in the bride’s bouquet while the groomsmen’s consist of another flower or decorative item. Ask your florist for ideas; just be sure to stay within the same color palette.

Your tie and pocket square could be a different color than those of your groomsmen.

Speaking of ties: You could wear a bowtie while your groomsmen wear a necktie – or vice versa. You could all wear the same type of tie, but yours could be black while the groomsmen wear ties that match the bridesmaids’ dresses. Or, you could wear a cummerbund while the guys wear neckties.

Of course, it’s still perfectly fine for the groom to match the groomsmen. Check out wedding party photos on Pinterest to get an idea of what kind of look you prefer.


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