Oh No?! I Don’t Have a Date to Prom!

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We Broke Up A Week Before Prom

You have the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the prom tickets, the makeup and hair plan, the limo rental. Then suddenly, what you don’t have is the date.

What do you do when you and your boyfriend break up right before prom?

Trust me on this: You go anyway.

When you look back on your life, you’ll regret not going to your prom. And you’ll be proud of yourself for not letting some guy – whose face you can barely recall – stand in the way of this night you’ve dreamed of since your first day of high school.

You do have options:

Look around. Who else isn’t going to prom with a date? Consider going together as a group. Remember how much fun you used to have at slumber parties? Prom can be your first “adult” girls night out. Trust me, they’re a blast. All the girls who are being ignored by their dates will be envious at the unfettered good time you’re having!

Do you have a long-time male friend who would go with you? Make sure you’re not using someone who has long wanted to be a real boyfriend, but see if you have a guy friend who’s willing to fit the bill. Just don’t get to prom and use him to try to make your ex jealous. Stay classy.

Go to prom by yourself. Once you’re there, it’s a big party with everyone all mixed up anyway. You’ll end up dancing, laughing and talking with your guy friends (and girl friends, too), rather than sitting at home wondering what everyone else is doing.

Don’t waste all that time and money you’ve spent prepping for prom. You’ve got everything … so go and have a good time! And in 20 years, inspire your own daughter with your story.


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