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Can a young, hip MOB look sexy at the wedding?

Mothers of the bride are often women who dress flatteringly in everyday life – so they may not want to do otherwise on their daughter’s wedding day. Does being the mother of the bride necessarily mean Mom has to dress more conservatively than she normally does?

Ask the bride.

This day is all about the bride, and the focus should be on her. Hopefully, Mom won’t want to wear something that will distract from her daughter on one of the most important days of her life. (Life lesson: Mother-in-law Raquel Welch wore a black dress with cutouts and an oh-so-low neckline to her son’s wedding. The bride, in contrast, had sleeves and a modest décolleté. We don’t think she looks too happy.)

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[source: http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk]

On the flip side of dressing as they usually do, many MOBs end up buying a dress they’re uncomfortable in because it “goes with the bridesmaids’ dresses,” it seems “appropriate” or they think they need to be conservative. Dresses aren’t even the strict rule anymore; designers have introduced stylish trousers and jackets for MOBs. What could be more comfortable than pants?

Oh, and speaking of bridesmaids’ dresses: Mothers no longer need to worry about matching the bridesmaids’ dresses. Generally, as long as they don’t clash, they’ll be fine.

In the end, a MOB who seems to have tried to upstage the bride isn’t looked upon by guests with much favor. At the same time, Mom will be happier if she feels comfortable. So try to strike a balance … and then move on.


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