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Today’s veils can set the tone for the wedding day

Veils have never been so creative, and all lengths are acceptable. But the birdcage is the trendsetter for 2014.

Coming forward from the back of the head to cover a portion or the entire face, this veil goes with any type of dress and can even be used to change the tone of a dress. For instance, a birdcage veil can be designed to give a very traditional wedding dress more of a contemporary feel, while a vintage birdcage can communicate quite another feel to a simple dress.

Veils of any length can set a certain tone for the wedding party, from Bohemian to soft and romantic to vintage 1920s to contemporary. We’re even seeing colored veils to complement blush-colored dresses or gowns with blue tints.

Headpieces that go with veils or that replace veils are on trend, as well. Updo hairstyles are still the norm, and a good stylist can marry (pun intended) a beautiful headpiece with the perfect hairstyle. For example, hair side-swept over the left shoulder with a headpiece on the right side of the head makes a stunning combination; with longer hair, dotting the draping hair with pearls or tiny flowers really finishes the look.

Yellow and rose gold headpieces are popular now, as are vintage-inspired pieces. Feathers, too, are appearing on headpieces and sashes this season. Crowns, embroidered headscarves and even veil-draped parasols join the options for accessories this year. We’ve seen headpieces that wrap around the head just above the eyes and ears holding in place a cathedral veil that covered the bride all the way around her body.

Those body-covering veils harken back to the veil’s original purpose. Do you know how the tradition got started? It used to be thought that brides were in danger from evil spirits, so the veil hid them – so well, in fact, that their father or someone else had to lead them down the aisle! The veil also kept the bride’s face hidden from her soon-to-be husband to ward off bad luck – and maybe something else in the case of arranged marriages!

Whatever you choose, your veil or headpiece offer another opportunity to make your wedding day your own. Express yourself!


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