Weddings have been a celebration of love, family, and partnership forever – and as the world changes, so do weddings!

It isn’t a small feat to plan the perfect day, but there are some steps you can take to make it exactly perfect for the two joining as one!

Balloons at a wedding with bride and groom and wedding party

Find the perfect partner

  • Seems obvious right? But the wedding, no matter the circumstances, will always be perfect when it is to the right person!

Sit down early and decide with you BOTH want

  • Weddings have traditionally been full of… well, traditions.  But now we have entered into a time where weddings are a way to show and CELEBRATE your relationship, your partnership, and your love! There are so many fun ways to incorporate you into the day – first date at the state fair? Have elephant ears at the reception. You both love Star Wars – figure out a fun way to include it. Love pie? Ditch the wedding cake and have pies
bride and groom at sunset getting married with flowers indiana wedding

Decide on the size of the guest list –

  • Looking for a small intimate affair? Or are you two more of a big party person? Decide together what that looks like for you both, and that will help narrow down locations!


  • Indiana has some amazing spots around to plan the most amazing wedding. Beautiful churches, outdoor locations, parks, barns, theaters, etc!  Sometimes thinking outside the box makes for a super memorable day!
bride throwing the boutique at the wedding reception bride in lace wedding dress

Now – onto the planning!

  • Once you’ve decided the vibe it is time for the DETAILS! Make a list of the things that are most important to you!  Dress, food, flowers, cake, etc! Then you can start deciding where to put your time, energy, and money.


  • This is something that can really set the tone of the day!  The wedding dress is the most self-expressive piece of clothing you’ll ever wear – so let’s make it perfect! There are endless amounts of styles, customizations, laces, beadwork, and more that can be put together to make you look and feel confident and beautiful! The  stylists at Sophia’s Bridal and Tux in will work one-on-one with you to find exactly what you want!
wedding arbor with flowers

Don’t skimp on the memories!

  • Everyone wants to remember the day, and pass it down for generations to come – so hiring a professional photographer and/or videographer is a MUST.  Don’t chance it with a cheap option, but find a skilled person who has experience and equipment that will turn all your work, love, and celebration into the most beautiful memories!


We are lucky that our community is amazing – so for ALL the details we say – SHOP LOCAL!  You can find florists, chefs, bakeries, and more right here.

Dress your whole party –

  • Let’s celebrate the people around you who supported and encouraged the relationship as well! The bridal party is more than just a way to make your friends dress alike and do what you want – it is a way to thank and celebrate them as well!  It takes a village to make a family, and we all know that being surrounded by the right people is always good.  Show those you love that they’re important too but getting them involved!  With dresses and tuxes you can decide on the mix-and-match look or a more unified front – and working with a stylist will make it easy and painless!
bride and groom kissing in front of VW van bride in lace strapless wedding dress

DIY – or don’t!

  • Some of the best memories can be made in the months before the wedding putting together your invitations or building a backdrop. Not your thing – don’t worry!  There are so many talented people who can help, look around your group of friends and family, your community, or head to social media to find help!

Don’t forget…

Overall – don’t lose sight of the real purpose, to join two people in love forever.  Weddings can be stressful, expensive, and full of layers of feelings, expectations, and to-do lists – but the true mission is to celebrate love.  So take a deep breath, re-focus, and don’t forget to lean on your partner and your community for help!

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