How do I Wear My Hair to Prom?

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Almost Prom and I Hate My Haircut

First of all, don’t panic. All is not lost, says Hannah Shaner of JadaBeauty.com.

A fresh haircut will always look a little “off,” even if it’s your regular style.

If you’re a couple of weeks out before prom, that’s plenty of time for your hair to grow enough to get out of that fresh-cut awkward stage and back to what you think of as ‘normal.

Even if you opted for a completely new style and hate it, you have still have options.

Be honest with your stylist. He or she doesn’t want you to hate it, either, so most will fix a look for free. Just make sure you’re specific about what you like and don’t like so the stylist will have good direction.

If you chopped too much off, try clip-in extensions to get some length back. Be sure to go to a professional for this, since it’s prom night!

Finally, try an updo for your prom look. For prom, girls usually style their hair in a completely different way than they normally wear it anyway, so an updo will distract from the cut you aren’t happy with. Google “celebrity updos” or check out Pinterest from inspiration.

What kind of updo are you, based on your personality? See what JadaBeauty has to say!

And if you long to keep your ponytail for prom, do it! Turn it into a Roman or rope braid for a classy look, or use your flatiron to add a flip.

The bottom line: With today’s wide range of available styles, it’s the girl under the hair that makes the look … so keep your head high! Nothing is more beautiful than self-confidence.


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