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Groom’s clothing choices rival bride’s today

Brides often think the groom has it easy. “All he has to do is pick out a tux!” they lament. But the choices men have today can be formidable.

  • What kind of lapel? Shawl, peak, notch?
  • Will I feel ridiculous in a bowtie?
  • Is there really a difference between a two-button and a three-button jacket?
  • I have to wear a vest, too? I’m going to roast!
  • How many shades of black and gray can there be?
  • Cummerbund? I thought it was “cumberbun”!

And that’s only the beginning.

For 2014, grooms have new trends to consider. As with regular suits, slim-cut tuxedos are in, with trousers and jacket hugging the body.

Practicality has become a trend, with men opting for what’s called the “ceremonial suit” that he can wear again to nice events or someone else’s wedding. You can create dramatically different looks with a suit by changing up everything else: a white Oxford shirt, a stately tie, and dark and shiny shoes will make you look like someone else in the suit than if you’re wearing it with a checked shirt and more casual, light brown shoes.

Last year we saw designers introduce tan tuxedos, and shades of blue range from pale to midnight. This year designers have gone all the way to rich, warm brown. Grooms are choosing to differentiate themselves from their groomsmen by wearing a lighter shade of the same color tux, or a different color of vest.

Another trend speaks to camaraderie: The groom and his groomsmen are declaring their fraternal affection by all wearing Argyle socks with an accent color, for instance, or sporting Converse shoes down the aisle. (All we can say is, it’s a good idea to clear this with the bride beforehand, fellas. ‘Until death do you part’ is a long, long time.) Bright suspenders might be a safer bet, since no one will see them until late into the reception.

Bottom line: Choose a style that you’re comfortable in, physically and aesthetically, and that you’ll enjoy seeing in pictures for years to come.


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