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The Perfect Prom Match: Tux and Dress

Does the tuxedo have to match the prom dress?

Ask the girl.

That’s the only correct answer, because it’s completely up to the one wearing the skirt in this scenario.

(If you’re both wearing tuxes, then the two of you together can decide: Matching or not matching, either is OK, as long as the colors don’t clash!)

The pros to matching: There’s a visual representation that the two of you go together. Many girls love the fact that their date is willing to make this obvious sign that yes, I’m with her and no one else tonight! And the two of you side by side will look great together.

The cons: Really, there aren’t any cons. The argument for not matching, though, is that by wearing simply black, steel grey, white, navy or midnight blue, the male is chivalrously letting the female shine.

Matching doesn’t necessarily mean that the boy’s tie or cummerbund has to be the exact shade of the girl’s dress. The colors can complement one another. Girls, you may not want your date to see your dress before the big night, but rethink this position in favor of helping him select a great color. Remember, the dress will look far different on you than on a hanger!

Matching also means complementary styles. If the dress is modern, then a 1930s-style tux probably isn’t the best choice.

Remember, you can’t go wrong with a classic black tux. The one wearing it will look great, and it will be the perfect frame and backdrop for whatever his date is wearing.


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