Melissa & Alex ~ Graduating to Mr. & Mrs.

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They swiped right, connected over coffee and the rest is history.


Like a lot of modern couples, Melissa and Alex met on Tinder while they were both graduate students at Purdue. They went on their first date at a local coffee shop close to campus. Melissa said, “My friend and future bridesmaid, Cassie, sat nearby to supervise. Alex sat down and the first thing I said other than ‘Hi’ was ‘This is a lot like a job interview.’ Luckily Alex is much smoother than I am. After a second date that lasted almost seven hours, we were basically committed. We have pretty much been inseparable ever since.”


Family is very important to them both, and Melissa knew that it was really important to her dad to give his blessing. She said, “Before Alex could propose, we drove down to Tennessee for a long weekend. The next morning, Alex woke up at 5am to wait for my Dad (I may have made him a little nervous). After a three hour coffee date, Alex had my Dad’s blessing and respect. I later learned that my Dad had typed out notes in preparation and they spent most of the time having philosophical discussions. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating at the lake and with family friends. Alex proposed when we got back. I was working on my dissertation when he walked in and said ‘I’m tired of waiting. Want to get married?’ We are just so romantic.”


They tied the knot on April 27, 2019 in Lafayette, at the Moses Fowler House.


Melissa couldn’t pick just one! She said, “We truly enjoyed every moment! The dress reveal with my Dad and Grandmothers was so emotional, as was walking down the aisle of the beautiful cathedral we got married in. We both felt so loved by our loved ones who drove from all over to be there.”


Melissa wanted to share a few tips with our future brides! Here’s her top three:

  1. Keep it simple. I can honestly say that I spent very little time stressing about this wedding. Our church and venue were already decorative, so we could keep the decor to a minimum. My mom brought magnolia leaves to decorate from Tennessee, and a family friend made amazing bouquets with artificial flowers. We also did not participate in every single wedding tradition if it didn’t meet our particular needs or would create more stress; we did not do a shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, a bouquet toss, a wedding registry, etc. As much as we all love the Pinterest wedding, if particular details create stress, either do without or delegate.

  2. Keep the guest list as small as possible. We both have very large families, so we invited mostly family members. There is simply not enough time to spend quality time with everyone who attends your wedding, so keeping it smaller is the only way to ensure that you see everyone.

  3. Keep things in perspective. Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to bring your favorite people together to celebrate the start of your marriage, but it is still just one day. What matters is the marriage that follows.


Photographer: Morgan Joy Photography
Venue: Moses Fowler House
Dress: Beloved Brides
Bakery: Mawmaws Sweet Shop
Hair & Makeup: Bliss Salon & Spa
Music: Soundswarm




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