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Choosing the Right Bridal Gown Silhouette for Your Shape

The No. 1 rule for choosing a bridal gown: Be true to yourself. You’ll be happy and comfortable, and able to enjoy your day.

The next step in choosing a dress is deciding which is the best silhouette for your shape. We all have different body types, but we usually can fit into these categories (warning: be honest!): Pear shaped, apple shaped, tall, petite, slender, athletic, busty, small chested.

So what type of dress will look best on you? Here’s a guide:

Pear shaped, with full hips and thighs: Look for a dress with a natural waist. An A-line skirt or a ballgown accents your shapeliness above the waist; as it flares out from there, it creates even more of a waistline as it helps hide the fuller areas naturally. Avoid clingy fabrics if you’re this body type, and stay away from trumpet and mermaid gowns, as they will over-accentuate the areas you’re trying to tone down.

Athletic or non-curvy build: A trumpet skirt or mermaid style gown will naturally create a curvy silhouette. A silky fabric that’s cut on the bias also helps. If you’re tall or especially slender, a simple column dress with few embellishments can look sophisticated; just make sure it’s nipped at the waist to create the illusion of curves.

Apple shape: It may be counterintuitive, but dresses for brides with this shape should accentuate the waist by creating a waistline. For instance, a sash looped in the front at the waist or a gathered waistline will make you look slimmer, as will a V-neck or wide straps. A high waistline and skirt that flows away from the body will elongate your torso.

If you’re busty: A sweetheart or scoop neckline will help avoid that “shelf” look. And choose a matte fabric; sheen adds volume, which you probably don’t need.

Keep in mind: The final decision is yours, and no one else knows how great you’ll feel in the right dress. So be careful about who you take along dress shopping!


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