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Pippa Middleton’s Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a Duchess, who had a sister who was just as elegant as she. They grew up in a modest home with your average family. Duchess Kate is  married to her Prince Charming, William. The romance they shared, of course put Duchess Kate’s whole family in the lime light. Which brings us to her lovely sister Pippa Middleton.

Pippa Middleton

                                                             Duchess Kate and Pippa

Pippa in the media vs. Pippa in private may be two totally different girls but we love watching her. Life as a royal relative must be exhausting but she seems to hold her own quite well.  Pippa met and fell involve with a dashing gentleman named James Matthews. He was a former race car driver, turned Hedge Fund Manager, and heir to the Scottish courtesy title of Laird of Glen Affric.

Pippa Middle and Husband

                                          Pippa Middleton and now Hubby James Matthew

The pair fell in love and like her sister it was yet another story book romance. Like any relationship they had their ups and downs. Except for these love birds, it lasted about 10 years! With Pippa moving more into the spotlight, how can you blame them? Get out of here, whaaaa? Yeah. I can’t imagine everything you do being watched by the public. Fast forward to this past weekend, the two tied the knot! Seems the bumps in the road turned out to be building blocks to a stronger relationship! We’re not going to compare her wedding to her sisters because well, they are both quite wonderful and unique. Plus, Kate already had quite the spectacle marrying a Prince after all. We love romance, we love weddings and we LOVE LOVE!

Also, lace from top to bottom on Pippa, is something to drool over.


Amazing right?!



Photo Credit: Telegraph online



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