Bridal, Tux and Prom

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sophia’s different from other boutiques and chain stores?

The biggest difference at Sophia’s is the unique styles of high quality gowns that we offer and our committed level of service to our brides. Typically, big chain bridal stores manufacture and sell their own dresses made from inferior fabrics and beading in the cheapest factories overseas. They advertise these gowns on television, in magazines, posters, Internet and on email banners. The same dresses are sold at every location nationwide and there is nothing unique about any of them. As a result of the quality you will end up spending upwards of $200 on undergarments to make the dress “fit and lay” correctly. You will not experience this at Sophia’s. All of our gowns are constructed in such a high quality way that boning through the bodice and layers of tulle under the skirt simply don’t require any unnecessary undergarments. This saves you money.

A customer recently told us that she went to a wedding where 2 brides were in the exact same dress at receptions across the hall from each other! The bride was mortified that she bought her dress at a huge chain type store. Not to mention people tell us everyday that they just “felt like a number” at the chains and superstores.

The other major difference is how we care for our customers. Our philosophy is to provide an atmosphere where people feel as though they are truly treated like family. We make recommendations based solely on your needs and desires. Simply stated, we hear stories every day about how people are mistreated in Indianapolis bridal stores and we go out of our way to be the absolute best bridal experience for each guest.

Do I need to make an appointment to try on bridal gowns?

Yes! Sophia’s is well known in Indianapolis for its personalized service and expert bridal consultations. In order to make this happen we require appointments to guarantee that you have a dressing room and are assigned a bridal consultant to assist you throughout your appointment. We leave an hour and half for each bridal appointment and will assistant you with picking out wedding dresses that match pictures, dreams and thoughts you have about your gown. We will listen to your input and feedback to make recommendations that will fit your style, shape and budget.  Call now and schedule your one on one bridal experience, 317-882-1244 or Schedule your appointment online.

How long before my wedding should I purchase my dress?

Brides Magazine and The Knot recommend purchasing your gown 1 year in advance. At Sophia’s, wedding dresses can take up to 6-8 months to arrive once you decide on your gown and we place the order. Additionally, you need 2 months for alterations and pressing. Therefore, we agree that 1 year is ideal to provide you with the best planning experience. Many brides wait until the last minute and find the process to be very stressful as they do alterations right up to the wedding date. You can rush orders and alterations for an extra fee, but if you have your date and found your gown why spend more waiting?If your wedding is in the next few months you can purchase any of our gowns off the rack and we always have an excellent sale area with discontinued gowns that you can take same day.

What are prices like at Sophia’s for bridal, prom and tuxedos?

Designer Wedding Dresses range in price from $1,000-3,000 (sale gowns range from $399-999)

Designer Prom and Pageant Dresses range in price from $349-850 (sale prom dresses range from $199+)

Tuxedos range from $150-250 all inclusive including shoes.

Who should I bring with me to try on wedding and prom dresses?

When shopping for a wedding gown or prom dress all the experts advise not bringing too many people. Your mom and one or two other trusted individuals seem to be the perfect mix. Pick a few people who love you to come and your experience will be more enjoyable and you will have a better chance at being successful in your quest. It’s great to have one or two people who are close to you give you honest opinions, but bringing too many people to “poll the audience” is a recipe for disaster that may make you miss your perfect gown. In the end, the only opinion that truly counts when picking a gown is YOURS! You are the only one that will really know when you have found the dress that makes you feel and look amazing.

Are brides and prom customers together?

No! We know the needs of prom and bridal are different and therefore require separate spaces. In 2010 we made a decision to expand and have 2 separate stores so that our customers could have a more personal experience. Our wedding boutique is a quiet and intimate space catering to the desires of unique brides. Our prom store is full of color, sequins and teenage bliss. Weddings and Proms are both very special events and we want to show the importance of both by creating a space that you enjoy and have the best chance at finding your dream dress!

Do I need an appointment for tuxedos?

Yes, please call or schedule your appointment online for tuxedos. Appointments will last 30min to 1 hour and you will be assigned a consultant to help you choose the perfect color and style that match you wedding. For tuxedos, we recommend you and your fiance schedule an appointment together and we can guide you through the process of choosing a perfect tuxedo or wedding suit.

If you have purchased your wedding dress at Sophia’s you will be given a special discount off tuxedos when you book with us!

Do you carry dresses in sizes 18-22 that can be tried on in-store?

Yes we do!

Do you carry bridesmaid’s dresses?

We do not have bridesmaid’s dresses in our store. We do recommend Bella Bridesmaids in Indianapolis. They have a huge selection and the best service!

What are your hours during the week?

We are open 12-8 Mon, Wed, Thurs and then 10-5 Tuesday and Friday! To see our full hours visit our contact page.

How many prom dresses do you carry?

Sophia’s has the largest prom selection in the state! We start every prom season with approximately 1,000 prom dresses and purchase an additional 200-300 throughout the season. In the off season, May-Dec, we carry approximately 500 prom and pageant dresses. We have a separate prom store next door to our bridal boutique specifically for our prom and pageant customers that is open every January-May. Shop early for the most prom gowns and best selection of styles, colors and prices.

When should I start shopping for prom dresses?

January! That may sound crazy, but January is when you will have the best selection and can get exactly what you want. This season’s prom gowns will begin arriving in our store in late November and December. Our separate prom store opens the first week of January with 1,000 gowns and all the seniors that went last year know to shop early. We won’t sell the same dress to the same school and register every gown we sell. Therefore, in order for you to get your dream dress before someone else does you need to visit us in January. Bring pics of gowns you like and we will help your find the perfect prom dress. Sophia’s has the largest selection in prom dresses in Indianapolis so we know you will fall in love!

Do you have tuxedos for prom?

Of course we do! Sophia’s proudly offers Jim’s Formalwear as our tuxedo carrier. We have the largest color selection in Indianapolis with over 250 different color combinations available. If you purchase your prom dress at Sophia’s you will be given a special discount on your prom tux. Bring in a photo or swatch of the prom gown and we will help you find the perfect color match. Stop in today choose your tux and be fitted.