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Prom Shopping: Why is a Boutique Better than Online (or the Mall)?

Top 10 reasons why buying your prom dress from a boutique is a far, far better thing to do than buying it online or – gasp! – at a mall:

10.       Malls cater to the masses. This means they buy whatever the largest number of people are likely to purchase, so variety is low. Who wants to show up at prom looking like everyone else?

9.         Size matters. Malls stock “standard” sizes – someone’s standards, anyway. Boutiques offer a huge range of sizes in almost every style. Because we truly believe every girl is beautiful.

8.         Boutiques have connections. We work hard to create and maintain relationships with designers, so we can bring in the most fashion-forward styles and colors. Malls simply can’t compete here.

7.         Malls hire teenagers. OK, we’re not slamming our prom dress-buying audience, but think about it: Do you want your classmates helping you find a prom dress, or do you want a knowledgeable expert who chooses to do this as a career?

6.         We live here. The owner of Macy’s lives … well, we don’t know where, but we doubt it’s in Indianapolis. We live in this community and have a very vested interested in keeping our customers happy. We may see you in the grocery store!

5.         Boutiques help you avoid the impulse buy. We may be shooting ourselves in the foot here, but it’s true: We don’t want you to buy on an impulse. We want you to get the perfect prom dress, so we’ll spend the time needed to make sure that happens. Malls just want you to buy … and leave.

4.         You can see, feel and touch. You may think you can save money shopping online, but beware: The difference between a fine time and a spectacular time at prom is how you feel in your dress, and you can’t tell that by ordering online – even if you think you’ve tried on the same dress elsewhere. Prom dresses are form fitting. Try on, and buy, the one that makes you feel stunning.

3.         Boutiques guarantee you won’t get scammed. If you find a top-name designer prom dress online for 40% off, it’s likely a fake. Overseas websites steal images from designers, then claim to sell those same dresses at deep discounts when in fact, they ship cheap knock-offs with terrible fit or style problems. Or, they never ship a dress at all.

2.         Returns are easier at boutiques. Many online dress shops let you return a dress once; if the size is still wrong after that, or the dress isn’t otherwise as described, you’re stuck. And remember, items are delayed or lost in transit every day!

And, the #1 reason to shop for your prom dress at a boutique:

1. We specialize in formal dresses for the most important occasions of your life!

Why trust the biggest night of your high school life to the department store where your Mom buys her cookware? Specialty boutiques like Sophia’s Bridal & Tux have decades of experience dressing women and men for the most memorable days and nights of their lives.


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