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Beauty and the Beast was everything when we were young girls and continues to be a “tale as old as time”. Except, with the new Disney’s Beauty and The Beast starring Emma Watson, we get to experience it in live-action film. This particular fairytale is #girlgoals for so many reasons. Lets start with the fact that Belle, loves to read. She is smart, independent and just does not need a man to show she has brains. She comes to the rescue of the men in this story and doesn’t play “damsel in distress”. Why wouldn’t every girl want to aspire to be that type of character? When you shop Sophia’s Prom, we want you to be the leading role of your story. Here’s how to get some of the looks of Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast Promo tour.

 Emma Watson brought the beauty of Belle to an event with the New York Film Society For Kids, on March 17th. During one of her stops to inspire young children to love literature, the Beauty and The Beast live-action star inspires all, in this gorgeous sunshine yellow gown. On the left is our version. You can be your own Belle of Prom this year!

 Emma has been known to rock a pantsuit before, this is yet another example of her killing it on the red carpet (During the World Premier). This gorgeous suit by Oscar De La Renta inspired my comparison to this prom dress by Jovani.

 On another stop to Promote her role in Beauty and The Beast, Emma rocked this gorgeous off the shoulder dress with a long cape. However, what caught my attention was the stunning blue. The color is flattering on most skin tones and gets me in the spring mood.

  During her Asian premiere of the movie, Emma stunned in this gown. Beyond the dress, she wears a beautiful over layer and yet again, proves she can literally wear anything and shines effortlessly.


My hope, in sharing the ways you can dress like this beauty, goes beyond the gowns. My hope is that you find your inner Belle. That your value is in who you are as a girl, that you see your intellect and what you offer the world. You are the leading lady and are capable of conquering anything you want to achieve.


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