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At the end of every year I reflect on the business.  I think of all the things that added to our success. I’m always grateful to our staff and customers that make it all possible.  I analyze the products, services, marketing and everything else that makes a small business operate well.  But this year is different.  This year is a look back from the beginning, the day we opened.

January 1, 2007 was our grand opening.  A bride had called that week to see if she could shop on 12/31 because she was leaving town on 1/1 and wouldn’t be able to come for the event.  I didn’t know much about business back then, but I knew enough to not turn your first customer away.  She found her dream dress and I was in love with the business! Thank you Adrienne, I’ll never forget her name!

Years passed and brides and prom customers kept coming to us and referring friends.  We were so excited to be growing and we expanded our prom to be the largest in Indianapolis and rented an additional suite next door.  Our staff grew from 2 of us to over 20 in our busy season.  We continued to be a family and embraced all of the people that were trusting us with their special events.

In 2011 I had my first child.  In 2012 I had my second child.  With many ups and downs I learned how to run a business and be a mom.  But as time progressed and I fell more in love with being at home I wasn’t sure how this was going to work long term.  Just a few months ago I received a text from a dear friend asking if I am interested in selling.  My heart leapt.  I saw an opportunity to sell my business to a woman that I know will care for customers the way I did.  It was a chance to sell when my business was doing so well and to leave a successful legacy.  Mostly, I saw this as a possibility to be a full time mom.  I did the only thing I knew to do: pray.

After many conversations and meetings we decided to move forward.  It is with great excitement that I am announcing the sale of my business to a new owner, Jessica Limeberry.  As Jessica picks up where I left off I am thrilled to know she shares the same values, visions and hopes for Sophia’s that I always carried.  She has fresh ideas and extensive background in this industry to propel Sophia’s to even more success and growth.

As I say goodbye I want to personally thank everyone that has impacted my business.  Staff, customers and friends have all played a part in making Sophia’s a permanent fixture.  And ultimately you have played a part in me being able to live in to my next calling at home.  Words could never express how grateful I am to each of you.

Merry Christmas and I hope 2014 blesses you and your families!

(Stay tuned to meet Jessica and see all the exciting new things for 2014!)


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